How Would Madison Montgomery Have Handled Emma Roberts' BagelPhoneGate, In Gifs

The price we pay for our bagels. One of Hollywood's rising young stars learned the hard way that an irresistible bagel will cost you big time Wednesday morning — Emma Roberts got a ticket for eating while driving. The cop who pulled the Palo Alto actress over mistook her bagel for a cellphone and wrote her a ticket for talking and driving. Roberts later took to Twitter to complain about the injustice of what we'll call #BagelPhoneGate, but we can't help but wonder how the star's American Horror Story: Coven character, Madison Montgomery, would've handled this situation.

Following #BagelPhoneGate, Roberts took to her Twitter where she clarified that she wasn't actually talking on her cellphone in the car. And said she couldn't believe that she still go the ticket for talking and driving when really, she was just munching on her bagel. We feel your pain, girl.

In case you've forgotten, Roberts' character Madison was the bitchiest witch in the Coven that doubled as a famous movie star. First of all, she probably wouldn't be eating a bagel — actually, Madison was such a diva that she probably wouldn't be driving herself around either. But just for argument's sake, we'll pretend. Considering her complete lack of regard for authority or playing by the rules, we highly doubt that she'd take kindly to getting a ticket — whether she deserved it or not. So how would she have handled the cops? Let's take a look:

She Gets Pulled Over

Cop: "Do you know why I pulled you over?"

Cop: "Well, you were talking on your cellphone while driving."

Madison: "Obviously I was eating this bagel — not on my phone."

Cop: "License and Registration, please, miss."

Cop: "Well, I still have to write you a ticket."

Madison: "What do you not understand? I. Was. Eating. A. Bagel. Do you not realize who I am? Can't you just let me go?"

Cop: "That's really not necessary. And no, I can't — this is my job."

Cop: "I mean, I wouldn't have pulled you over if you weren't doing something wrong."

Cop: "'s your ticket. Please be more careful next time."

Cop: "Excuse me?"

She Crumples The Ticket And Tosses It As She Drives Away

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