In Other News: July 22, 2013

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If you've got the Monday blues, this'll fix things: On the one-year anniversary of the Aurora, Colorado shooting Saturday, survivors Eugene Han and Kirstin Davis got married. "This way, we can make good memories and start a new chapter of our lives rather than allowing this memory from a year ago to stick with us every single year," said Han. D'AW.

Climbing the income ladder is far easier in some states than others, according to a new study. Class mobility basically differs city-to-city: if you're in New York, Boston, or Seattle, you've got it good. Less so Atlanta, Charlotte, and Columbus.

This wonderful political parody re-does Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines to stand up for women's rights in Texas.

Just. Yes.

Speaking of, MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry awesomely wore tampon earrings on-air this weekend to demonstrate her support for women in Texas.

Pulling it off.

The Millennial generation is more religiously progressive and tolerant than their forefathers — and because of them, the religious Right might be on its last legs.

Now that we know the royal baby is a boy, this Tweet is even better.

This blue lagoon was the bluest thing we've ever seen.

Yup, was. Sadly, this blue lagoon is no more. It was so painfully blue that tourists kept jumping into the water, even though it's secretly chock-ful of disease. So the town, um, dyed it black. There's a Dr. Seuss book in there somewhere...

Porn star James Deen has made a series of porn-meets-cooking videos. It's... well, it's something. You can watch all of them here, and God knows that under David Cameron's new rules, Brits are certainly going to.

Are more intelligent people more likely to experiment with mind-bending drugs? Here is a list of some of the best and brightest — and their drugs of choice.

TVs Toppling On Toddlers sounds like MTV's latest horrible reality show, but it's actually a proper thing that's happening. TVs are falling on young children at an alarming rate, with over 300,000 injured in the last couple of decades.

This is, um, interesting. There's now a site that can help you figure out exactly how many times you'll see your parents again before they kick the bucket. Because you've often wondered that.

This happened to Chipotle's Twitter account, and we still don't know exactly why. We're thinking aliens.

Loads of people criticize Sex And The City these days. We're going to hold back from launching into a full-throttle defense of the HBO show, because the New Yorker has done a great job doing exactly that.

But let's still try and forget about this, shall we?

(Image: The Atlantic)