These 'Game Of Thrones' & 'Mean Girls' Crossover Memes Are Perfect

Sometimes you stumble across something and you can't help but think "Wow. This is what the Internet was made for." And so it is with any Game Of Thrones / Mean Girls crossover. It just feels meant to be. The latest in these crossovers comes via the fine folks over at Mashable, who utilized the entire series as inspiration for a spin-off series of Game Of Thrones gifs starring Mean Girls quotes. Oh Tina Fey, what hath you wrought.

A large chunk of Game Of Thrones' concept revolves around an ongoing competition over who gets to rule and who is relegated to follow, so it's no mystery why it would fit so well with a movie based off a book called Queen Bees and Wannabes — Daenerys Targaryen and/or Cersei Lannister could definitely write their own memoirs with that title, and Mean Girls wouldn't chafe under a title swap with Game Of Thrones.

Yes, this is exactly what the Internet seemed destined for: Weird cross-contamination amongst beloved media. I'll always vouch for society's deep desire for crossover material. It can get as sketchy as CNN trying to compare Malaysia Flight 370 to Lost and as delightful as bringing the murder and mayhem of Westeros to the popularity wars of suburban Illinois.

You can witness some of Mashable's brilliance below, mixed in with various other Mean Girls/GoT crossovers scattered around the interwebs.

(Yes, heavy spoilers to follow.)

Let's face it:

Images: Paramount; Mashable; Tumblr; Tumblr