Maybe It's Time To Take An Instagram Break

All you Francophiles have surely had your fill today, as James Franco has been blowing up Instagram. But hey, as much as some of you may love it, I think it might be time for Franco to chill for a bit when it comes to social media. After he bizarrely called renowned New York Times theater critic Ben Brantley "a little bitch" (and then subsequently edited the post because, you know, he realized that it's not nice to call people bitches when you're having a bad self-esteem day), and that scandal in which he tried to hook up with a 17-year-old girl via Instagram, it's time to take a step back.

Yet, he continues. Relentlessly.

In a slew of new self-congratulatory posts on Thursday, Franco rants on. From promoting his book to making a Steinbeck reference to talking about girls on Instagram (ugh), the dude can't stop, won't stop. I've heard of this camp in China, where teens go to be cured of their addiction to the Internet ... maybe Franco can check in, then do a documentary on it? Hey, just a thought.

So, let's take a look at Today In Franco Instagram! Or, as he prefers to call it... James Franco TV.

Thursday MORNING

Here we have the since-edited link to a positive Variety review for Of Mice And Men. Sadly, we are no longer privy to Franco's virulent thoughts on Ben Brantley (who, as Jordan Sargent of Gawker pointed out, will likely not be offended since, for one thing, Franco misspelled "embarrassed." Also of note: Ben Brantley has had far more proven success in the Times than Franco has had.)


This is Franco's starring moment, America.


I think, girls under 17, you'll be okay if James Franco doesn't follow you.


You know, just a mash-up of Steinbeck and Palo Alto. Franco is here to remind you that he's a writer. Also, Franco was hanging out A LOT at his computer Thursday morning. Stars! They're just like us.


He will sign ALLLLLL the books! Will you be there? He will sign ALL of them! Not some, but ALL! And ALLLLL of this in less than three hours, my friends! We've got to ask: was this Instagram flare-up spawned by the Internet making a mockery of his inability to take Brantley's review? That's part of being on Broadway!

James Franco, you never cease to amuse. This Is The End proved that you indeed are capable of satirizing yourself, but in the heat of all this, it may be time to just pause for a bit on Instagram. But no pressure, man. No one wants to cramp your philosophizing. Or you Paint Shop abilities on your computer. Those are sharp, dude.

Image: Instagram