There's A 'Space Jam' Live Reading That You Must Watch — VIDEO

This is the Internet's gift to us all because its love for us has no bounds: here is a live reading of Space Jam starring some excellent comedians, to boot. Yes, you read that correctly: Space Jam. Live reading. You remember Space Jam, right? It's the classic film that has a special place in the hearts of both the critics who reviled it and the kids who ran around singing that godawful ride the train song at birthday parties.

Funny or Die has collected 10 minutes of highlights from this glorious moment in cinematic history, and you have to watch. It stars Blake Griffin as Michael Jordan, and Griffin has the daunting challenge of stepping into the shoes of the basketball player, who obviously made a name for himself in this tour-de-force performance. (JK.) Paul Scheer, Seth Green, Nick Kroll, Ben Schwartz, and Danielle Fishel chime in as the Looney Tunes who play basketball and save the day.

And this, my friends, will save your day, or at least tide you ever 'til LeBron James tries his thespian hand at acting in the Space Jam sequel... because you very, very, very much needed a sequel to this original cinematic masterpiece.

Check out the live Space Jam reading below:

Image: Warner Brothers