Lana Del Rey's Dad Insults Lorde, Is Part of Growing Trend of Pop Stars' Dads Behaving Badly

In the wake of the recent worldwide success of his daughter’s new single, “West Coast,” Lana Del Rey’s father Rob Grant decided to throw a little friendly shade at alterna-pop star Lorde. When a fan tweeted Grant, “ROB ALL I’VE LISTENED TO IS WEST COAST..ITS ADDICTING,” he replied, “More addictive than Pure Heroine.” Ha, good one, pops. Pure Heroine is, of course, the name of Lorde’s critically acclaimed debut album.

Of course, Lorde has spoken out against Del Rey in the past, calling her “completely irrelevant” and saying that her music is “not a good thing” for young girls to listen to (who hasn’t Lorde spoken out against??), so perhaps she sort of had this thing coming. But I think we can all agree that dads on Twitter (and Facebook, for that matter) are embarrassing enough — why did Grant feel the need to get involved in his daughter’s petty beef with Lorde? Grant’s tweet is just the latest in an ever-growing phenomenon I like to call, “Pop Stars' Dads Behaving Badly.”

Strangely, at the beginning of this year, Grant also took a shot at Katy Perry on Twitter — an artist who I don’t think his daughter has any problem with at all:

But Grant isn’t the only celebrity dad who’s gotten in on the anti-Perry action. Lady Gaga’s dad Joe Germanotta had this to say about his daughter’s new music last August:

Cute, dad. Real cute. What can I say? I guess when you’re at the TOP of the pop music game, the GUTTER rats down below will do or say anything to try to bring you down. (Sorry, is my Perry stan card showing?)

But Pop Stars' Dads Behaving Badly is more than just a “father’s trying to protect their daughters” thing — remember those photos of Justin Bieber’s dad Jeremy rocking a Mötley Crüe wig and a hula skirt at a one-man pool party that hit the Internet last month? It’s not that he looked bad, per se, he actually looked kind of h— ...What I’m trying to say is that no artist is safe.

That’s it for this edition, but don’t worry — when pop stars' dads continue to behave badly online, and they will, you better believe I'll be there.

Images: robgrantdotcom/Twitter