Kelis Needs to Stop Dissing Nas & Focus More on Promoting Her Stellar New Album

When NPR held a live Twitter chat with Kelis to promote her new album FOOD earlier this week, I thought to myself, brave is the soul who dares ask her anything about her ex-husband Nas. If this were to happen, her response would surely contain the stuff headlines are made of. Fortunately, I got caught up listening to the album and stopped paying attention to the Twitter fodder, but then, the New York Times had to go and ask the million dollar question. In a recent interview, they brought up Nas' Life is Good album cover on which the rapper claims he used Kelis' wedding dress, and she offered up a verbal smackdown that included this gem of a dismissive quote: "I don't really listen to his music anyway."

Notwithstanding the couple's nasty divorce, that was way harsh, Tai. One has to wonder if this diss isn't more than a well-timed coincidence, considering the fact that this very week Nas is commemorating the 20th anniversary of a classic album and the release of an accompanying documentary, and is also fresh off a Coachella performance with Jay Z. Regardless of the motive behind Kelis' statement, her new album FOOD is actually quite refreshing (unlike her public battle with her ex), so I wish she would just say no when it comes to taking the bait on Nas questions.

For example, I'd love to know more about what inspired her album and its deliciously titled songs. It's noticeably missing the gimmick-filled ingredients of today's most popular songs, such as overt sexuality and excessive and obvious autotune. FOOD also sounds really raw with the help of Kelis' ever-changing approach to singing and the presence of actual instruments. Not to take away from this album's more digital predecessors like Tasty or one of my all-time favorites, Kelis Was Here, but this album puts a new spin on the word organic, and although a couple of the album's most soul-stirring songs bear non-food related titles like "Floyd" and "Dreamer," I still consider it aptly titled.

After my botched attempt at a new egg white omelette recipe this morning, I'd much rather read more about her take on the album, or even the latest on her cooking show and sauce line, all new and exciting developments in the world of Kelis.

Anything would suffice in the place of the stale leftover digs she dishes about her ex.