Watch The Movie Leonardo DiCaprio Didn't Want You To See — VIDEO

Remember how cute Leonardo DiCaprio was in Don's Plum ? Wait, you've never heard of Don's Plum? You know— Don's Plum! That indie movie from 1995 that was made in black and white and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis? Oh, phew, neither had I!

That's probably because, until recently, it had never been seen in the U.S. or Canada, due to a lawsuit by Maguire and DiCaprio preventing any domestic commercial release.

The film, which centers around a group of angry teens who vent to each other at a diner every day, reportedly portrayed the young actors in a way that hit a little too close to home, and the rising stars didn't want their new fans to get the wrong impression— or worse, the right one. The characters in Don's Plum were self-centered, materialistic, and mean, and maybe that doesn't sound like the Tobey and Leo you were crushing on growing up, but when you start reading about the history of their 90's Hollywood gang (known in some circles as "The Pussy Posse"), you may start wondering whether you should finally take those Tiger Beat posters down from the walls of your childhood bedroom.

Vulture recently re-published a 1998 New York Magazine article about the- um- Posse, and it paints DiCaprio and his compatriots in a more unsavory light than a single indie flick ever could. Instead of diners, the crew was hanging out at exclusive nightclubs, modelizing, drinking recklessly, and generally having a devil-may-care, Entourage-esque blast, occasionally getting into trouble with the cops and the boyfriends of girls they were hitting on. Once, that girl was Saved by the Bell's Elizabeth Berkeley, and— you know what, I'll let you read that part of the article for yourself. It made me say "EW" out loud.

When you consider that, it seems like stopping Don's Plum from reaching theaters was kind of a waste of a lawsuit. Instead of hoping no one would see a case of art imitating life, maybe they should have course-corrected and stopped life from imitating art.

Watch it in full here: