'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Spoilers Hint at Rival Sideshow Acts

The new season of American Horror Story is a painful six months away (sob), which means that I must soak up every single tiny spoiler that I get about the latest installment of the anthology series. This year the theme is "freak show," and from the sound of it, it could be the creepiest version of the show to date. Several members of the cast are returning for American Horror Story: Freak Show , and Dennis O'Hare (most recently Spalding from American Horror Story: Coven) just spilled some details about his new role in the series.

It looks like his new role on American Horror Story: Freak Show won't be very similar to his role on Coven. For those of you who missed it, O'Hare played Spalding, the faithful butler to Jessica Lange's Fiona Goode. Spalding was so loyal to Fiona that he severed his own tongue (which had been enchanted with a "truth spell") instead of allowing himself to betray his one true love. It wasn't the first time that O'Hare played a character deeply in love with Lange's character — in the first series, American Horror Story: Murder House, the actor played a troubled man named Larry who was obsessed with Lange's Constance. It looks like his new character's relationship with Lange will be quite different this time around. According to the actor, he will be "battling" with Jessica Lange's character in the upcoming series.

That's not the only tidbit of information that O'Hare is throwing our way. One of the biggest speculations about American Horror Story: Freak Show is which actors will return as "freaks" (to use the very non-PC term thrown around in the 1950s). It turns out that O'Hare won't be a "freak" himself — just a "collector" of them.

Hmm. Could O'Hare play a leader of a rival freak show looking to take over Lange's? We know that Jessica Lange is playing a German in the latest series — perhaps Lange will be the owner of a foreign freak show looking to make a cut in the American market. We're used to seeing epic battles on American Horror Story (lest we forget the witch vs. witch conflict of Coven) and I can't wait to see Lange and O'Hare's characters go head to head.