Lady Gaga Had Her Wisdom Teeth Taken Out, And She's Shared A Selfie With Us All — PHOTO

In today's edition of Stars! They're Just Like Us, Lady Gaga has gotten her wisdom teeth taken out and did what most image-conscious stars wouldn't do: tweeted a selfie from bed. She does look down in the pic, clutching a stuffed animal because, hey, even famous folks need some love and support that only a plush toy can provide. Gaga: champion of being who you are, even if you sleep with a stuffed animal and are an adult!

The selfie features the ARTPOP singer sans makeup — refreshing, considering we don't often see a celebrity willing to take a picture without makeup that's not #flawless but #normal. I did not look like a Neutrogena model when I had my wisdom teeth removed. Along with that pic, she tweeted: "Chipmunk Cheeks [Emojis] Wisdom Teeth out before tour. I can't eat. [Emoji] I'm gonna put some meatballs in a blender. Hopefully it's not the meat from her infamous meat dress...

The singer offered up some humor, too, despite being in pain. She tweeted, possibly in the tune of "Poker Face": "Wisdom teeth out. P-p-Percocet p-p-Percocet." Haha, that's for sure — sounds like getting your wisdom teeth out!

So, yup — that's your daily does of Gaga doing something that we all have to do at some point. I recall getting my wisdom teeth out — except my doctor prescribed v-v-vicodin in stead of p-p-percocet, which certainly does not have the same ring to it.

Check out the selfie below:

Image: Twitter