'Game of Thrones' (Semi) Spoilers: Will Margaery Tyrell Marry Joffrey's Brother?

We probably shouldn't get so attached to the successes of Game of Thrones characters, like poor Margaery Tyrell. She worked so hard to get the awful, awful King Joffrey to fall for her and marry her only to have the royal carpet ripped out from under her when Joffrey died the most beautiful of deaths. (Don't RIP, you jerk.) While we help fans who have not read the books ponder who could have killed the young king on his wedding day (presumably so that they can buy that person a drink), it's also important to think about what happens to the rest of the characters at King's Landing, especially the now-widowed Margaery.

For those of you who are not book-reading viewers and don't want the potential storyline to be ruined, time to switch to a different story about a similar topic. Are the spoiler-phobes gone? Good, the rest of you can continue on.

According to George R.R. Martin's novels, Margaery does in fact marry Joffrey's younger brother Tommen when he becomes the next king. Now why on earth would she want to do this? Two reasons: Margaery is willing to do anything for the power of King's Landing. She's made this perfectly clear with the sheer effort she's put into manipulating Joffrey for so long before the wedding. Cersei knows this and thus hates her as she was the only woman with any real power before the Tyrell's arrived.

The other reason is purely financial. The reason behind the Joffrey-Margaery wedding was because the Lannisters needed money. Even with Joffrey being dead, the two families have to honor the deal they struck that gives the Tyrell's a taste of power for the monetary support the Lannisters so desperately need in order to keep their reign strong. So, long live Margaery? I can't wait to see what conflicts will arise between Margaery and Cersei if the show does have the young Tyrell marry another one of Cersei's sons and take away her power once again.

Source: HBO; Tumblr/lady-littlebird