Zosia Mamet Eats Birthday Cake With Zombies in Honor's Spring 2014 Fashion Film

Forget Shoshanna and her wild up-dos for a minute, because actress Zosia Mamet doesn't need any of that crazy stuff. The girl can hold her own in little more than loose, air-dried hair, the faintest sweep of lipstick, and a spooky lace frock.

Honor — an NYC-based line known for their ethereal, 1950s-tea-party-with-a-ghost dresses — made a 5+ minute fashion film to showcase their Spring 2014 collection, tapping Mamet and a haunted-looking Zoe Kazan as the stars. Like Vera Wang did in her Spring 2015 bridal film, Honor opted for a mysterious, otherworldly vibe to offset the girliness of their clothes, but this time, the otherworldliness is literal.

There are zombies. Beautiful, beautiful zombies.

Let me just summarize the plot because I want an excuse to use screenshots. Mamet, grieving for her dead best friend, decides to bake a cake, frost it pink, and throw a sad, solitary birthday party around her friend's grave.

Little does she know that something about her particular grieving process was a bit magical, because, well:



The party continues with slow-motion dancing and cake-eating and even a little zombie laughter. The whole thing is cool, creepy, and oh-so-pretty.

This fashion-film-as-art-form trend is such an exciting new way of experiencing style and acting and art at the same time. This artistry behind Honor's film is entrancing: the styling is exquisite, the shots are masterful (the zombie dancing is particularly blurry and lovely), and both Mamet and Kazan showcase an impressive range of emotions in just five minutes. I was intrigued and inspired and transported — not what I would have expected, a year ago, if you asked me to watch a fashion advertisement.

HONOR NYC on YouTube

Images: Honor/Youtube