Kourtney Kardashian's 35th Birthday Trip Would Make Kim's Mind Explode

Friday is Kourtney Kardashian’s 35th birthday. BIBLE. Man, time flies when you're keeping up with those Kardashians, amirite? The reality star is celebrating her day of birth in Cabo San Lucas with baby daddy and longtime boyfriend Scott Disick. The two were photographed kicking it by the beach, and it looks like a rather nice time. Where are Mason and Penelope? According to E! News, Mason is vaycaying with his parentals, and Penelope is hanging out with Grandma Kris Jenner back in Los Angeles.

What might it be like to celebrate a birthday with the eldest Kardashian sister? Moreover, what might it be like to go on vaycay with Kourtney, Scott, and Mason? I'm going to go ahead and assume all of it is amazing. It isn't an epic surprise birthday party-turned-proposal, but that's okay. As much as I would've loved to be at AT&T Park for that momentous occasion, I'd LOVE to lounge it out with Kardashian and Disick by the beach. Maybe all of the years of watching KUWTK have gotten to me, but I think I'd have a rollicking good time with them. Kardashian's vocal fried deadpan is my jam, as is Disick's goofballness. Are they my favorite celeb couple? MAYBE.

So what do I think they're doing/going to do on said trip? Based on the pics of the vaycay PLUS years of research (read: watching all KUWTK eps and spinoffs), I have some ideas. And with that, I present you...

Kourtney's Birthday Trip To Cabo, According to Me (In GIFs)

Kourtney, Scott, and Mason are in Cabo for the lady's 35th birthday. What does that mean? First things first: get your game face ON!

Hey, Kourtney? Are you in it to win it?


Mason, are you in it to win it?


Scott? What about you?

Like I even had to ask. YEEEEAH!

Everyone's READY.

What's with the role call? Well, a birthday vaycay is SERIOUS. Gotta commit. Will not accept any half-assed birthday vaycaying. Does "in it to win it" necessarily mean they're going to wild out?

Does it mean they're going to go HAM?

Nah, man. They're a much more mellow family nowadays. Lord Disick isn't the tornado he used to be. I bet they're gonna keep it chill.

Like, so chill.

The most chill.

Be still my heart. That's my kind of vaycay. Laughin', chillin', sittin', and beachin'.

Oh, and celebratin' Kourtney's birthday, natch.

Don't mess with a birthday, right Mason?

The end.

Happy birthday, Kourtney!