Paris Hilton's Transparent Bag Has Us Asking: Clear Bags — Yay or Nay?

Paris Hilton is always pushing sartorial boundaries, for (somewhat) better or for worse, and when the reality star debuted a clear plastic tote on Wednesday, I wasn't sure what to think. While my own common sense would prevent me from carrying hundred dollar bills in a clear bag, Hilton seems to think the practice is totally normal. And though her bag was likely filled with well-edited personal items, its transparency still presents a number of problems. You can see the dubious accessory in all its glory here.

For Paris herself, the most immediate issue seems to be the abundance of visible cash thrown in the bottom of the purse. I understand that celebrities live by slightly different standards than the rest of us, but copious — and visible — $20 and $100 bills inside a clear plastic tote seems to be a universal call to arms for potential muggers. Oh, and, you know, it's a bit gauche.

Also problematic is the complete lack of privacy that other bags offer. That hideous pair of gym shoes for an after-work Barre class and clunky keychain from freshman year of college you still carry are on display for prying and critical eyes, not to mention the various accumulating receipts and other knickknacks that are somehow picked up throughout the day. Of course, Hilton's lace-printed bag contained none of these offending items, but most women don't have the time to sit and edit their handbags on the daily. (Nor can most of us resist the urge to fill a huge tote with stuff. C'mon. Look at all that room.)

Favored by brands from Hunter to Charlotte Olympia and Tory Burch, the clear handbag has been a serious trend of late, and transparent clutches took the red carpet by storm in summer 2013. Last September, Rachel Zoe declared the clear clutch was "clearly having a moment" on her eponymous website, thus convincing style mavens everywhere that the item was a must-have. And before Paris rocked her tote this month, Zoey Deutch and Kaley Cuoco had already debuted petite versions on the red carpet.

However, the red carpet does seem to be the only occasion when a translucent carry-all might be practical. If a lipstick, phone, and cash clip is all you need for a perfect night out, then party on with your clear clutch. But for the sake of my ever-so-slightly cluttered satchel, its varied contents, and my own sanity, I'm going to stick with my sturdy, opaque, leather bag. It's a classic for a reason.