Will Gwen Stefani Replace Christina Aguilera On 'The Voice'?

As much as love me some Xtina, these new reports that Gwen Stefani could be replacing Christina Aguilera on The Voice for season seven are actually quite exciting. Can I get a "holla back," girl? While there's nothing concrete confirmed yet, the rumors state that Stefani might take on Aguilera's judge seat on the reality television competition series — and for those of you who are avid fans of the Genie In A Bottle singer, worry not, because rumors of a possible replacement aren’t anything personal against Aguilera.

Stefani is merely in talks to take Aguilera’s place while Aguilera takes a break from the show due to her pregnancy (because mom duties always come first). If the rumors are true, Stefani will take her seat on the series, which will begin filming the seventh season in June. Since Stefani has basically been in hiding for what seems like a lifetime (also to be a good mama), it’ll be interesting to see how compatible she is with the other judges. Even better: With Pharrell Williams replacing The Voice judge Cee Lo Green for the seventh season as well, Stefani won’t have to worry about being the odd one out.

The only problem? Once Stefani is on The Voice — should this deal happen — it’s going to be hard to let her go. Obviously, she doesn’t exactly have a choice because her contract is only supposed to last until Aguilera returns. But seriously: I know she hasn’t even started her position yet (I’m getting ahead of myself already), but I can only assume that the most magical things will happen if she does. Like, maybe she'll have a musical number of her own while she’s on the show, and/or she'll bring back her No Doubt-era cargo pants/combat boots/white crop top ensemble once again. That’s probably not mom-appropriate, is it? All of America would approve anyway.

Although Us Weekly reported that Stefani’s presence on the judges’ panel was confirmed, NBC has yet to make a statement about this decision. But I think we can pretty much all agree on one thing: that if this really is just a rumor, we will have to hunt down the person who started it because that would pretty much be the most devastating news ever. Fingers crossed, everybody!