Whoa, Did 'N SYNC Diss BSB?

There was once a time when girls fought with each other over whether or not the Backstreet Boys or 'N SYNC were the more supreme band. For me, the answer was Backstreet Boys, so even as a twenty-something I of course will have to side with him and his crew after Joey Fatone of 'N SYNC totally dissed the Backstreet Boys. Yes, it is 1998 again.

Seriously though: Apparently, Fatone made the a claim to The Huffington Post that the Backstreet Boys are going on tour because “they just need the money.” Shots. Fired.

The former boy band member noted that he believes the Backstreet Boys are merely in it for the money and that 'N SYNC isn’t having a reunion tour anytime soon because they are too busy with “their own lives.” (A.K.A., Justin Timberlake is too busy to do it.)

“No offense, guys. But I’m saying if you think about it, it’s like, why are you coming back out again?” Fatone said. Offense taken. SO MUCH OFFENSE.

Has Fatone forgotten that the Backstreet Boys have actually been together producing music for some time? So, it’s not like a tour to support their most recent album is really that surprising considering they’re still an active band. It’s also worth noting that they too are busy with their lives as well, and were so kind as to revive the dreams of millennials everywhere.

Upon discovering this statement, Carter made his way to Twitter to express his anger over the matter. Unsurprisingly, his fans also backed him up.

There’s no doubt that the Backstreet Boys are going to make a large chunk of money from their tour, so who can blame the guys for doing it? Can't knock the hustle, Fatone.