Max Greenfield's New Movie Sounds Nothing Like 'New Girl,' But Awesome Anyway

Aww, good for him. Apparently, New Girl and Veronica Mars star Max Greenfield will star in the upcoming dramedy Hello My Name Is Doris , in an awesome-sounding role that will likely help push his career forward and open the door to many new opportunities. At least, we hope — homeboy deserves it! The film, according to The Wrap, will be directed by Michael Showalter.

As for the plot: It will revolve around the life of an older woman, Doris, who is "forced to kind of find a new life in the city." As she does, she meets a younger guy (Greenfield) who she believes is the answer. The answer to what? We don't know, but if you met a guy who looks like Greenfield in NYC, would you ask that many questions? Probably not!

This movie will mark the second that Greenfield has worked on with Showalter, the first having been They Came Together. Though the actor typically works with TV roles, with this new film and his most recent dramedy, About Alex (currently being promoted at the Tribeca Film Festival) it looks like he’s really beginning to build up his resume with a job as a movie actor.

Currently, Showalter and his team are still looking to cast the lead female role of Doris.