Happy Easter! Now Watch This Dude Eat 100 Peeps

by Emma Cueto

If your family celebrated Easter when you were a kid, then you most likely remember the time honored tradition of eating peeps until they made you sick to your stomach – and then continuing to eat them anyway because sugar. Kids are weird. Then again, so are peeps. Like what are they even made of? Does anyone know? I mean, they list the ingredients and all, but I can't pronounce most of them.

Well, whatever they're made from, YouTuber Matt Stonie just ingested 100 of them in about 2 minutes. Just the thought of it is giving my inner child a major sugar high.

Matt Stonie is no stranger to feats of extraordinary eating – he's previously downed five Big Macs in 59 seconds, after all, and put away four Chipotle burritos in three minutes – but the Peeps are more of a challenge than they look. Maybe because they're so fluffy? Or because they're just impossible to chew (seriously, what are they made of?) Or maybe it's because they're secretly a little demonic; those little eyes have always kind of creeped me out.

Whatever the reason, though, nothing says "Happy Easter" quite like watching a guy stuff 100 of the squishy sugar contraptions in his mouth.