Tila Tequila Is Pregnant: How Does The World Prepare For a Baby Tequila?

We live in a world vastly oversaturated with reality stars and their wacky antics. Some get lost in the fray as time goes on, but their memory persists even as their VH1 or E! shows do not. And so it is that it feels bizarre to report that Tila Tequila is pregnant, until you remember that it's not 2007 anymore. Tequila, for her part, was an MTV reality star, and is probably still best remembered for her show A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila. She was also the most popular artist on Myspace, if we're really looking to date ourselves. Now, Tila Tequila is pregnant, according to a selfie the star posted to Facebook this weekend:

Surprise!! I'm 10 weeks pregnant! I just couldn't hold it in any longer as this brings me so much joy and happiness to know that there is a baby Tila on the way! May God bless my little bundle of joy on this Good Friday! Yayy! I'm gonna be a Mommy! I Love you sooooo much little baby!!

Some may be comforted to know that her real last name is not Tequila — it's Nguyen — so unless something goes terribly awry the odds of a tiny Timmy Tequila frolicking around the world are slim for now.