Stewart & McKellen Rekindle Bromance

We all have something new to aspire to: Become such good friends with somebody that, as you continue your career successes past middle age, everyone just wants to watch you and your best friend be awesome together. Thanks to the almost mythical friendship of actors Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, we now have models for this life plan. And it's made all the more fun when they play The Newlywed Game together.

The Newlywed Game is, of course, that game in which two people are tested about how much trivia they know about the other person. For people like Stewart and McKellen, it's hit-or-miss (mostly miss) when it comes to remembering these small facts about each other.

And does it really matter what they scored? For something with the two of them pretty much all that matters is that they're their usual old married couple selves, bickering and bouncing off of each other and showing the world what true longterm intimacy and companionship can mean outside the conventions of a romantic relationship. It's also fun watching them just be so impossibly, thoroughly British. The entire thing will spin us into another three weeks at least of daydreaming about them finally inviting us to a dinner party.

Oh how we long for that dinner party.

Image: Buzzfeed/Youtube