Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Are Still Together, Continue to Crush Dreams

Ladies and gentlemen, for a second there we almost thought we had him. Or well, like, at least we thought he was single and not blatantly parading around the fact that we'd never be with him. Whatever the case, it still hurts, okay? Rumors had been swirling the past few weeks that apparently Bradley Cooper and twenty-two year old British model Suki Waterhouse had called it quits or were at least close to calling off their nearly year and a half long relationship. Well, apparently those rumors were a whole lot of bologna, as Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse were spotted together over the weekend.

The rumor squashing took place in none other than the most romantic city on Earth, Paris. As the two beautiful humans were caught sightseeing together. Oh yeah and it may be worth mentioning that they were holding hands. And they may or may not have had looks of pure unadulterated glee on their faces. That's nice, we guess. Solidifying the sanctity and sheer stability of their relationship, the two even let Waterhouse's little sister, Imogen, tag along as they gallivanted around the beautiful city. All kidding aside, we really are happy for the unlikely pair and their longevity. We're just kind of selfishly really sad for ourselves.