Lindsay Lohan Admits to Miscarriage on Finale of 'OWN': Whose Baby Was it?

Lindsay Lohan's self-titled reality television show/8 part documentary came to a shocking conclusion Sunday night when Lindsay Lohan admitted she had a miscarriage while filming the show. The OWN doc series finale opened with Lohan filming a "Billy on the Street" segment, and concluded with the earth shattering confession: “No one knows this – I had a miscarriage for those two weeks that I took off,” she said. “I was sick. And mentally that messes with you."

Lohan did not answer the one question audiences were collectively wondering: Who's the father? She did not reveal this bit of information, and after such an alarming confession, we don't blame her. We do, however, praise Lohan for divulging this hugely personal detail. Not only does it make her appear more vulnerable and honest, it makes her relatable. According to AmericanPregnancy.Org, anywhere from 10-25% of all pregnancies will end in miscarriage. And most miscarriages occur within the first 13 weeks, so Lohan's circumstance is similar to many women's.

The actress went on to talk about her addiction, something she's been working to overcome:

“Even if it’s not my intention to lose everything I’ve worked for, that’s what my addiction will do to me… It’s a really fucked up disease, and it’s really scary. Because there are drugs people have said that I’ve done that I’ve never touched," she said. “I’m happy,” she said. “The biggest thing I learned from his experience and doing this show is my work ethic is different. I have that fire back in me.” Lohan will work on a new movie in June, and hopefully take this newly acquired "work ethic" with her on set.