11 Festive Garlands That Will Help You Ring in Spring in Style

It is now late April, which means we are in that limbo state between holidays and therefore have nothing in particular to decorate for. Should we break out our American flags early for Memorial Day? Do we leave our Easter accessories up a little longer? What's a Pinterest addict to do?!

If only there was a way to make spring feel festive without a specific reason... OH WAIT, there is! With garlands of course. I went out and searched the entire Internet and came back with 11 spring garlands that you can make or buy to keep your home colorful and bright from now until summer, and beyond. Hooray!

Image: Etsy.com

paper flower garland

This garland is probably intended for a wedding but I’m dying to just hang them above my bed or in the living room.

Paper Flower Garland, $24, etsy.com

circle garland

In my opinion, and I know you are dying to know, circles are the best shape. Use these fun circle garlands to decorate for a party or just dress up your home.

Circle Garland, $10, etsy.com

diy napkin scallop garland

This scallop garland is another excellent DIY from Paper and Stitch. Spruce up your work station with this style.

Image: Paper and Stitch

hexagon paper garland

Geometric shapes like hexagons are very “in” right now. Succumb to peer pressure and get in on the trend already!

Hexagon Paper Garland, $11, etsy.com

diy paper net garland

Doesn’t this paper net garland from Oh Happy Day look like so much fun to play with?

Image: Oh Happy Day

instant download spring bunting

The best part of these spring bunting banners is that you can download them instantly through Etsy. You’re out of excuses — hang them up immediately.

Instant Download Spring Bunting, $4, etsy.com

diy tassel garland

Pick your favorite colors and add some pops of metallic with this DIY garland from StudioDIY.

Image: StudioDIY

diy paper fan garland

I am overjoyed to see that my elementary school paper fan skills can be put to good use with this DIY garland from Oh Happy Day.

Image: Oh Happy Day

orange daisy garland

If you couldn’t make it to Coachella, fear not! Get you daisy-crown fix with this orange daisy garland.

Orange Daisy Garland, $18, etsy.com

butterfly garland

Confession: I'm afraid of butterflies. But these pretty paper versions are too sweet to fear. Although they look like they could fly off the wall at any moment…

Butterfly Garland, $7, etsy.com

vintage floral bunting

Vintage shopping is awesome because you are bound to come across some great finds like this floral banner.

Vintage Floral Bunting, $11.50, etsy.com