What 5 of Your Favorite Successful Celebrities Eat For Breakfast — Take Notes!

Ever think about your hero and wonder, “What does Joe Biden eat for breakfast?” If your answer was “...no!” then maybe you should get curious — after all, it is the most important meal of the day. Thanks to Business Insider, we now know what a few of our favorite celebrities/idols are eating first thing in the morning — and no, they’re not alternating espresso with champagne in a limo (then again, Kate Moss didn’t make the list). Take a look:

Justin Timberlake

Apparently, Justin Timberlake starts every morning with waffles topped with almond butter and flax, as well as scrambled eggs. Feel free to take a minute and start a grocery list, I can wait. OK, you’re back! Let me go on. So according to Bon Appetit, the musician (and burgeoning comedian, in my opinion) likes to eat not one, BUT TWO breakfasts daily: waffles + eggs before he works out, then a serving of protein after, like more eggs or a shake. Perhaps we’ve been doing the breakfast-equals-coffee-on-an-empty-stomach thing wrong!

Michelle Obama

Business Insider reports that Michelle Obama loves starting her day with scrambled eggs, Turkey Sausage, and grapefruit. According to health food blog Eating Well, Obama is pretty on point with her morning choices, although she could add more fruit or grains to the mix. Perhaps she should dine with Mr. Timberlake in the morning? If not for nutritional reasons, for my own enjoyment?

Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa is a big fan of yogurt and granola for breakfast, although according to Bon Appétit, she prefers eating after filming Live! With Kelly and Michael . Ripa tells Bon Appétit that she can’t focus while digesting that early in the morning. She mentions that her husband Mark Consuelos will make her a latte with half-and-half before work, followed by a skim milk latte she sips during the show. Mental note: We coffee freaks are not alone! Plenty of people start the day with coffee and hold off on the solid foods until later.

Chelsea Handler

No, Chelsea Handler does not start her day with Ketel One — a reference only her devoted, biography-reading fans will get. In other words, she doesn’t spike her coffee with vodka and call it breakfast. She eats oatmeal! With protein powder! And ground flaxseeds (exclamation points are necessary because these foods sound so healthy)! Her trainer Mark MacDonald tells Fitness magazine that eating within an hour of waking up and mixing protein with carbs is the key to a healthy breakfast. Edited mental note: coffee in the morning is OK, but eating early is very, very important… especially if you want to stomach a decent happy hour later that day.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton likes to start his day with an almond milk smoothie, fresh berries, and non-dairy protein powder. I know, it sounds more like dessert than breakfast — which is totally awesome and OK with me. According to the Huffington Post, he went vegan back in 2010 and lost 30 pounds because of it. Although he’s since reintroduced salmon and eggs back into his diet, he still enjoys his vegan breakfast. Perhaps it’s time to dust off the old blender and switch to almond milk.

To see what other successful people are eating for breakfast, check out this video or view it on Business Insider!