8 Most Memorable 'Mickey Mouse Club' Moments

by Anna Klassen

Never has a single television show housed so many of Hollywood's would-be elite. Sure, many child actors continue on to be successful in their adult careers, but can any one show boast the likes of: Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake, all on the same season? And now, the Disney show that taught us real stars can sing, act, and dance is turning a quarter of a century old. Thursday is the 25th anniversary of the All-New Mickey Mouse Club , and to celebrate the star-laiden show, here's some of our favorite segments, featuring many celebrities you might not of known launched their career through the infamous show.

School Boy Antics

Passing notes in class is a write of passage (hehe) for most millennials, that is, those who grew up without cell phones to text on. The art of passing a note made you both vulnerable (what if someone other than the intended note recipient sees the content?) and it was risky (teachers calling you out and God forbid — reading the note in front of the entire class — was an actual worry). Nonetheless, we did it, crafting "will you go out with me?" checkboxes — yes, no, maybe — and penning love notes to the boy/girl in the front row. This Disney-fied skit captures these memories perfectly.

Cry For You

Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, JC Chasez and Dale Godboldo singing Jodeci's "Cry For You"? If fantasy boy band leagues existed, this would surely be the winning team. Not to be confused with the equally as titillating "Cry Me a River," which JT would release years later after his infamous break-up with fellow MMC member, Britney Spears.

I'll Take You There

Before they wore matching denim outfits to award shows, and before she broke his heart, Britney and JT existed in a world where gratuitous cheesy (read: epic) dance moves and sappy song lyrics were all they needed to communicate their true feelings.

Kool Kerri

Before she was Felicity, and when choker necklaces were still in style, Kerri Russell was on the Mickey Mouse Club, with all embracing all of her afro-glory.

Pie Thrower's Anonymous

Worth the watch to see pubescent Ryan Gosling's plea to not have a pie thrown in his face. It seems even Gosling's charming remarks won't stop JC Chasez from flinging the cream-filled desert. Bonus: Christina Aguilera gets her just deserts as well.

Goofy Golfing

Who doesn't enjoy a friendly game of golf? Especially if that game involves a bleached-blonde Justin Timberlake adorned in an artsy cat tee. Seriously, what is on his shirt?

I'm Not Over You

Christina Aguilera has been crooning breakup ballads long before she sang "Beautiful" and "Stronger". Just watch this catchy tune, and try not to be distracted by her larger-than-life collar and pirate sleeves. Oh, fashion.

Kung-Fu Klassics

Oh, you thought Christina could only sing, dance, and act? Think again! This quadruple-threat is also a kung-fu master with a killer high kick.

Image: Disney