When Bunnies Have Sex On Live TV: WBIR-TV's Easter Broadcast Took An X-Rated Turn — VIDEO

Most of us won't expect a local news station's Easter broadcast to be that interesting. So viewers of Knoxville, Tennessee's WBIR-TV must have been in for a big surprise when they saw two bunnies on the anchors' news desk getting it on. Nope, we're not kidding.

The news anchors didn't appear to have been expecting it either. Even though the WBIR-TV broadcast appeared to have started right after the bunnies had already started engaging in coitus, they seemed taken aback. "Oh, wait a second. He can't do that up here," said the male anchor on the right. "They can be up here but — okay — that shit — you've got to stop that, Maura!" he added in reference to the female anchor in the middle. "Let's go to this!"

As the camera changes to another picture, the anchors unsuccessfully try to control their laughter. When the camera shoots back to the news desk, one of the rabbits is gone and the other one is searching for him. We assume that by then, the two lovers had been abruptly pulled away from each other.

The anchor closes the broadcast with, "We will announce the third rabbit's name in nine months. Have a terrific day and a great Easter."

Watch the clip below to get a shot of the NSFW (sort of) action.

This isn't the first time this Easter that an animal has done something funny on a news desk. Last Thursday, a Pomeranian known as the "Handstand Dog" made an appearance on the Good Morning America news desk. The dog, which also had a part in Katy Perry's music video for "Dark Horse," distractedly walked around the news desk, and raised its paws and hid its face on command.

Watch the clip below for even more cuteness without the NSFW part.

We can all now thank the Internet for always being able to give us these tidbits of amusement when we least expect it. Still, we think WBIR-TV wins the gold for most awkward broadcast with animals ever.

Image: WBIR-TV