Shania McDonagh and 4 Other Adolescent Artists Who Are More Talented Than You

Have you finally forgotten the shame you felt in middle or high school art class, when it seemed like everyone had artistic talent — except for you? Well let's unearth those shameful memories, shall we? See Exhibit A, a jaw-dropping pencil drawing by a 16-YEAR-OLD named Shania McDonagh. 16! The drawing recently won the Texaco Children's Art Competition, a national contest in Ireland that's been held annually since 1955. Look at the original photograph by James Fennel, and you'll appreciate this young artist's efforts even more. Then, we've got four more astounding works of visual art by the adolescent (and younger!) set that are sure to make you relive that old art class shame.

Not impressed? We can go younger. 11-year old Kieron Williamson paints absolutely inspiring English landscapes, amongst other subjects. His work has already sold for upwards of 1.5 million pounds (over 2.5 million U.S. dollars!)

Next, meet Autumn De Forest. She's 12 now, but has been painting — and selling her work — for years already. Descended from other painters and a former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Autumn proudly carries on in the artistic family tradition. I was particularly drawn to her painting "Barbie Marilyn," which riffs of Warhol in an alarmingly precocious manner.

Hamzah Marbella, a Filipino boy of 12, aspires to become his country's National Artist. He just might earn that title, too — his happy and colorful paintings have been shown and sold in professional settings since he was just 9. This vibrant number is simply titled: "Cats and Fishes on Net."

Australian Aelita Andre is now just seven years old, though she first had her paintings shown professionally in New York at the tender age of four. This painting, "Coral Nebula," was a part of that debut. Bravo!