Beyoncé Handles Hair-Pulling Fan Attack With Humor & Grace

For all the talk about how nice Canadians are, their fans certainly aren't very friendly. At a concert in Montreal Monday night, Beyoncé was performing her epic ballad "Halo" when a fan's passive-aggressive attack took her by surprise. It grabbed her weave and wouldn't let go.

The hair pulling didn't, however, stop Queen B. from belting out each lyric on time and in key. It was as if she hardly noticed that her weave was being sucked into an enormous stage fan and that at any moment, it'd be ripped from her head and bits of scalp and streams of blood would spray the audience.

Instead, Beyoncé remained cool. She didn't even flinch. In fact, she was more annoyed by the attack than anything — you can see her frustration when a security guy doesn't pull her weave out of the spinning blades fast enough.

The best part, though, is B.'s response to the propeller problem. After the show, she shared new lyrics to "Halo", which she reworded to tell the tale of a fan that be hatin':

For those naive to weave vocab, Virgin Remy and Malaysian are desirable types of hair for purchase.

And for the record, can we just say that we're insanely jealous of the human fans next to the windy fan who were able to touch Beyoncé's weave? We imagine it felt like silk, contentment, magic, and fan dust.

Watch it all go down: