Kenya Moore Threatens to Quit 'Real Housewives': 10 Reality Stars' Breaking Points

The Real Housewives of Atlanta fight between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore may result in a cast shake up. Moore has discussed not wanting to return if no punishment is doled out to Williams who was recently charged with battery after she and Moore got into a physical fight during the filming of their reunion episode.

"If there are no consequences, then where does it end?" Moore told the Associated Press. "If anyone is capable of blacking out and not taking responsibility for their actions, they should not be in this type of environment. They do not need a stage such as this."

Whether Moore will really leave the show hasn't been decided yet, but if she does leave she won't be the first reality star to hit their breaking point. Here are 10 other reality TV celebs who had enough and quit their shows.

Buddy Shuh and Mark Cornelison - 'The Biggest Loser'

The pair quit the weight-loss show during the 13th season when they thought a twist in the game took things too far. Both made it into the final five when the show’s producers decided to shake things up and give the eliminated contestants a shot to win a spot in the final three. Shuh and Cornelison declared the rules unfair despite the fact their contracts explicitly stated that former contestants could be allowed to return.

Image: NBC

Kelly Hyland - 'Dance Moms'

Dance Moms’ Hyland fought with teacher Abby Lee Miller for four seasons before she hit her final breaking point. The moment came when Hyland, already in a heated exchange with Miller, pointed her finger at the dance teacher who then pretended to bite it. It set the mom off and she grabbed Miller’s hair and the two briefly tussled before Miller called the police on Hyland. The mom pulled her two daughters off the dance team that day and has said she will not return. She’s currently suing Miller for assault.

Image: Tumblr/bricesander

NeNe Leakes - 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Leakes quit the show before Donald Trump could fire her after a huge argument with fellow competitor Star Jones in front of Trump and his fellow judges. “This is not the Real Housewives,” Star said as Leakes started yelling at her. Leakes responded by saying, “I will take you down … Where’s Miss Barbara Walters now?”

Image: NBC

NaOnka Mixon - 'Survivor: Nicaragua'

She walked off the show on day 28 of 39 because she couldn’t handle the stormy weather anymore. “I was getting cold, and I just couldn’t deal with it anymore,” she said later.

Image: CBS

Ali Fedotowsky - 'The Bachelor'

During her stint as a contestant vying for The Bachelor’s love on season 14, she made it to the final four. But she ultimately had to quit when her boss threatened to fire her unless she returned to work. Later it seems the career situation worked itself out because Fedotowsky returned to be the next season’s Bachelorette.

Image: ABC

Louise Watts - 'America's Next Top Model'

In cycle 18, Watts quit three episodes in after all the judges, namely PR-maven Kelly Cutrone, accused her of being ungrateful and unable to accept critique. During her emotional exit Watts threatened that if she saw Cutrone on the street she’d knock her out. Of course unable to let it go herself, judge Cutrone posted a video to youtube calling out Watts for being “rude, obnoxious, and unprofessional” and told her she messed with the wrong judge.

Image: CW

Sharleen Joynt and Andi Dorfman - 'The Bachelor'

The deal breakers for these ladies came in having to spend more time with Juan Pablo. Sharleen left after she realized they literally couldn’t have a conversation that wasn’t punctuated with besitos, and Andi left after Juan Pablo was a jerk in the fantasy suite.

Image: Twitter/Andi Dorfman

Sandro Masmanidi - 'Project Runway'

The designer was declared safe, but just barely. When he asked for feedback, Heidi Klum and he fellow judges let him know how they felt, but he didn’t like their critique. He responded by “flipping off the cameras, cursing, throwing off his mic pack and starting to tear down curtains. He even threatened to smash one of the cameras.”

Image: Lifetime