Aubrey Plaza Is Obsessed With Being Pregnant On 'Parks and Rec', Jealous of Poehler's Leslie

Parks and Recreation's recent pregnancy is a big step for one marriage on the show — and a whole lotta baby, considering last week's episode revealed Leslie and Ben would be having triplets. But it's got one Parks star rather upset: That'd be Aubrey Plaza, who would much rather be wearing the fake pregnancy belly.

She also told Vulture a little while back that this has been going on for a while:

It's an attitude Parks creator Mike Schur confirmed in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly:

So there you have it: Aubrey Plaza is baby-crazy when it comes to her Parks and Rec character. In fact, so baby crazy that she's threatened to get herself actually pregnant in order to accomplish her onscreen goals. You gotta admire its tenacity.

Image: Huffington Post