2015 Oscars Will Have 2014's Producers, But That Doesn't Mean It'll Be More of the Same

The big night may be months away, but the film academy is already starting their planning for next year's Oscars. Today they announced the 87th Oscars producers will be Craig Zadan and Neil Meron again, who were behind the last two years as well. So will 2015's show be just like this year's? I'd argue no. After all the pair worked on Seth MacFarlane's show and Ellen DeGeneres' and the two couldn't have been more different.

MacFarlane was raunchy, musical, and widely panned. Ellen Degeneres was mild, spontaneous, and social-media friendly. Yes, the same producers are behind this upcoming show but that doesn't mean we'll be getting more of the same. A lot of it comes down to who is hosting and what their particular brand of humor is. Nothing illustrates that better than the difference between "I saw your boobs" MacFarlane and "pizza party" Degeneres.

Not only will the host shape a new tone for 2015, but the show is destined to be different because it's a totally a new year. Different films make for different jokes and a different audience. This isn't a scripted show where the same writers return year after year to help make things consistent. This is a live show based on the time period it's in. Zadan and Meron are known to be "masters at tapping into the zeitgeist." The culture of next year will be totally different. This year selfies and Jennifer Lawrence were in, so DeGeneres snapped pictures and fed J. Law.

So who knows that will be popular next year for the producers to draw upon? There's really no way to determine the flavor of next year's Oscars based only on the chosen producers. We'll just have to wait patiently until more details unravel closer to the actual date, which, I'll remind you, is still 10 months away. So much can happen in that period of time. Just think, 10 months ago last year Miley Cyrus was still just a demure Disney star. A lot can change before the next Oscars, so I highly doubt it'll be at all similar to this year's show.

Image: thehollywoodgossip