Glenn Back Slams Mitt Romney For Thank-You Note Snub Two Years Ago

A remarkably petty feud kicked off on Monday as Glenn Beck criticized Mitt Romney for not sending him a thank-you note two years ago. Beck, as he tells it, gave Romney’s son a first-edition copy of George Washington’s farewell address as a gift during the last weekend of the 2012 presidential campaign. But Romney never thanked him for it, and Beck is, by his own admission, “still hung up that.”

“I’ve never regretted giving anybody anything more than I regretted my gift to Mitt Romney,” Beck proclaimed on his radio program Monday. “I gave it to his son and I said, ‘This is my personal copy. It’s a first edition, they’re really rare and expensive.’ And I never even got a thank-you note. Never even got a thank-you note. Pisses me off to this day, and the more I find out about Mitt Romney, the more it pisses me off.”

Well, okay then. It’s unclear why Beck gave a present to Romney’s son and then expected a thank-you note from Romney himself, but all right. Beck said that the intent of the book was to inform Romney that, if he’d won the president, he’d have to “be George Washington.” That was either a sober piece of advice for a would-be president or a plug for Beck’s book, Being George Washington, which had been released a month earlier.

Beck added that the gift only set him back around $20.