Will There Be a 'Friends' Reunion? Courteney Cox Finally Sets the Record Straight — VIDEO

Let it, go folks (nope, no Frozen parody here). Courteney Cox has said that there is not going to be a Friends reunion, so put your "Smelly Cat" in three-part harmony dreams to rest, and put your Central Perk mug back in your cabinet. This is a show that's just going to be a memory.

Cox told David Letterman this tidbit of pretty sad information (cue Chandler: could it be any sadder?) on Monday night. Apparently, it's tough to coordinate schedules with six pretty busy people. Cox said:

Aww. So everybody's too busy! But side note — how Monica-esque is it of Cox to be trying to organize everything, only to be disappointed by her much less organized pals? Answer: Very Monica. And she's trying to organize dinner parties, which is even more like her former alter ego who was a chef. It looks like even though this show kicked the television bucket a decade ago, these actors still share personality traits with their former characters.

But hey, Friends actors — even if you just crushed our dreams, we'll still be there for you (sorry, couldn't help it).

You can check out the interview between Letterman and Cox below: