Could These Replace Tampons?

Periods. The time of the month that means cramps, tampons, avoiding the color white, and wearing your least-treasured underwear for days on end. What if there were a simpler solution? Aiming to answer your woes, the women of Thinx Underwear have created a line of period-friendly panties that are a lot sexier than your average threadbare pair.

These undies are stain and leak resistant, designed not only to prevent accidents but also to provide a comfortable, environmentally friendly alternative to your usual pad/tampon routine. No more leaking onto your favorite pair of light-wash jeans and spending the rest of the day with your legs tightly crossed!

According to the statistics quoted on the Thinx website, 80 percent of American women experience period accidents or anxiety about being caught unprepared at that time of the month. The average woman throws away 17,000 pads and tampons in her lifetime. Thinx, which are stain-resistant and machine washable, would eliminate the need for packaged sanitary materials. Thinx panties erase both of these issues and a whole host of others —goodbye bikini line irritation from maxi pads! Plus, they are seriously cute. Like, I would let a boy see me in them cute.

Still skeptical? Here are the details. The crotch area is made up of four layers: a moisture wicking layer to keep you feeling dry, the anti-microbial/stain-resistant layer, the absorption layer (which can hold two to six tablespoons of liquid depending on pantie style), and the leakproof layer to prevent blood from spilling onto your clothing. And did I mention that they're cute?!

There's even a thong. A period-friendly thong! Can you tell I'm excited? Well, I have good reason to be. Thinx is about more than just underwear. Thinx is, quite literally, about feminism. These women are making a huge statement about the way periods are dealt with in our society. You won't find euphemisms and cutesy, vomit-inducing Aunt Flo jokes on the Thinx website. You'll find honesty and support.

Head over to Thinx Underwear to purchase the collection and check out this awesome video about the development of the period panties.

Images: shethinx/Instagram