11 Minimalist, Organic Skin Care Products for Earth Day

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Happy day, Earthlings. It's Earth Day, and if you're not using that as an excuse to rid your bathroom cabinet of all things toxic and chemical-y as we speak, well — you probably have a 9-5.

But if you get home tonight and find yourself hankering for a greener routine, go read the archives of No More Dirty Looks or Crunchy Betty to get inspired, and then begin the process of transforming into a minimalist freak. When it comes to healthy skincare, one of the easiest ways to make sure you're not slathering yourself with weird chemicals is to stick with short, sweet, and infinitely understandable ingredient lists. Think of it as the beauty equivalent to shopping the periphery of the grocery store; stay away from that scary processed stuff in the middle and stick to ingredients you know, like oils, clays, salts, and floral waters. Green beauty may still be fairly niche, but it's not just a popular delusion; according to beauty stat site Poshly, 34% of women find organic products to be just as effective as non-organic products, and 22% say organic finds are more effective. And in case you're tired of crunching numbers, we've done the counting for you — all of the following products work their green magic with six ingredients or fewer.

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