Teresa Giudice’s Money Problems Won't Be Solved With Spaghetti Recipes Like She'd Hoped

Teresa Giudice has a lot going on right now with her guilty plea for fraud charges, pending sentencing for those charges, new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey coming up (that she still filmed even though she faces sentences for fraud charges), and her massive amount of debt. Basically, this lady could use some positive news in her life as well as some money, but her prospects don't sound too good. Reportedly, Teresa Giudice's book sales have massively plummeted meaning: One, Teresa Giudice's has books apparently, and two, she isn't going to be making any money off of them.

According to Radar Online, which received information from Nielsen BookScan, Giudice's most recent book, Fabulicious! On The Grill, sold 5,920 copies from its release on May 1, 2013 until the end of the year. This is impressive because it means nearly 6,000 people want to own a cookbook from a table-flipping Real Housewife.

Unfortunately for Giudice, the novelty wore off fast. From the beginning of 2014 until now, her book has sold only 80 copies — a 97% decrease in sales. Either 6,000 was the maximum amount of people who could possibly want this thing, or people who buy cookbooks from reality stars do have standards and Giudice's legal issues crossed the line.

Giudice's other books have also suffered. Fabulicious! Fast & Fit (2012) decreased by 88% while Fabulicious! Teresa’s Italian (2011) and Skinny Italian (2010) also saw extreme drops in sales. (It should be noted that Teresa Giudice has put out a cookbook every May for the past four years. Impressed? Jealous? Confused? These are all appropriate responses.)

According to a source who spoke with Radar, "Her book sales have been very low, and Teresa hasn’t been offered any gigs for paid promotional appearances either. It’s a foregone conclusion, Teresa absolutely will have to sell her beloved New Jersey mansion. She’s terrified she could end up homeless."

Time will tell if Giudice actually does have to sell her mansion in order to settle her debt and this could play out on the sixth season of RHONJ which recently completed filming. All we know now is that her books aren't doing her any favors.

Giudice doesn't have long until she and her husband, Joe, are sentenced and this all comes to some sort of a conclusion. Their sentencing date is set for July 8.