She Dyed Her Hair, Because Tumblr

by Erin Mayer

Social media has been influencing fashion since the early days of the fashion blogger. Even celebrities get their beauty inspiration from the Internet these days. Katy Perry admitted that the idea for her slime-green dye job came from Tumblr in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Perry said:

I just have been on this site called Tumblr a lot … I saw some like really cute Japanese girl that had like green tipped hair and I was brought it to the hair stylist and was like ‘Make me her.’ She like, lives in Iowa and has no idea.

Every green-haired Japanese girl in Iowa is now taking credit for Katy Perry's edgy hair color.

I'm not surprised. Scrolling through one's Tumblr dashboard can be creatively inspiring on many levels, especially when it comes to personal style. This illustrates the unique beauty of the Internet: Mega-stars like Katy Perry can become inspired by teenage girls from the midwest simply by looking at pictures on a laptop. For all of social media's faults, the phenomenon certainly manages to connect people in ways we never could have imagined before the digital age.

Katy Perry's girl from Iowa is not the only Tumblr star to infiltrate our imaginations (and our closets). Here are some of the best beauty and style Tumblrs around. Take a look — who knows what color you'll end up dying your hair next!

The Pulp Girls

Run by two sisters, Callie and Brianna, who also operate a 'zine and take original photographs, this blog is chock full of colorful hair (your move, Katy Perry), crop tops, and Edie Sedgwick gifs to get your sartorial juices flowing.

powder doom

powder doom is a beauty blog co-founded by Rookie magazine contributor and fashion blogger Arabelle Sicardi. Visit the site for beauty inspiration far beyond the average smokey eye and red lipstick looks. Extra points for the darkly comedic twist on the phrase "powder room."

But I'm a Tomboy

But I'm a Tomboy chronicles all things borrowed-from-the-boys. For those who like their pink, well, a little less pink. There's even an awesome "Shop similar" feature beneath some of the photos.

Fuck Yeah Chubby Fashion!

Administrators Shelby and Emma publish submitted photos of curvy girl fashion inspiration, plus they have a super comprehensive FAQ page that lists brands that sell truly awesome clothes for plus-sized women.

The Drugstore Princess

Unlike many blogs, The Drugstore Princess is all about products that are within reach. Here you'll find the best in makeup and skincare that you can buy at your local CVS (and beyond), plus awesome tips for how to use them.

Images: thepulpgirls, powder doom, but-i'm-a-tomboy, fuckyeahchubbyfashion, drugstoreprincess/Tumblr