'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Spoilers From Director Marc Webb Will Make Fans Sad & Angry

Can we take a second to appreciate that the director behind the Amazing Spider-Man movies has the last name Webb? Just thought I'd drop that fun coincidental wordplay in here before we get to the major Amazing Spider-Man 2 spoilers that are gonna make up the rest of this post. Because (like I said, SPOILERS) Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy definitely dies in Amazing Spider-Man 2, and the aforementioned Marc Webb's already giving interviews in which he's candidly talking about it.

This information comes to us via, well, Europe: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released there weeks before it's set to be released stateside, which means spoilers have abounded on sites like Tumblr, Twitter, and everywhere else nerds dwell.

The incident itself is a plot point taken from the comics, meaning many fans have wondered since Gwen Stacy's introduction whether or not the films would follow through with the horrific circumstances of her demise. That speculation grew to fever pitch when some of the first photos from the sequel's set came out and Stone was wearing a coat that seemed to mimic her character's costuming during her iconic death scene. The inclusion of other Spider-Man love interest MaryJane Watson didn't help much either, though they eventually pushed her footage to the third film and eventually scrapped it altogether.

Now it seems Stacy's most iconic moment is confirmed. Poor Gwen.

As for what Webb has to say about her demise (emphasis ours):

It was something that as a fan of the comic books had such a profound effect on the culture and me, even though I experienced it many years later. [...] I think it's important to understand that there's consequence in this universe and that not everything always turns out well. Storytelling is there because it helps you deal with and conceive of things that are tragic in your own life, and that's something we wanted to acknowledge. [...] It's the idea that even a superhero can't stop time and that there's certain inevitable qualities to being a heroic character. In many ways, Gwen is as, if not more, heroic than Spider-Man.

There's no doubt that an event of this caliber will incite some discussion — and we can't wait to hear what people will be saying about it.

Images: Sony; Marvel; Tumblr