"Pretty Hurts" Became Beyonce's Song Because She Replies To Emails

Okay, so here's a reminder as to why it's always a good idea to respond to your digital correspondence in a prompt and efficient manner. "Pretty Hurts" became Beyoncé's because she replies to emails. Sia Furler, the woman who wrote the song, sent the track to other artists first, but they either ended up ignoring her emails or just thought "I'll get back to that one later." Beyoncé, however, is good at clicking "reply" and "send."

Furler sent the track to Katy Perry at first, who apparently overlooked it. (How do you not see emails?!!? Anyway.) Evidently, Perry then heard the track long after Queen B had put her spin on it and owned the shit out of it, and she was hurt that Furler didn't send her the track first. Furler's response? "Check your email." Face.

Granted, when I reload my Gmail obsessively all I get is 50 percent off at Godiva, not a hit song, but still. It pays to be on top of your shit.

Rihanna, for whom Sia penned the track "Diamonds," also got the track before Beyoncé did, but her manager held onto it for eight months without paying the fee to secure it. That's like, almost as long as a pregnancy, but anyway. Furler says that as soon as Beyoncé heard the song, Queen B "slid into home base and just closed the deal..." as one would expect that Queen B would.

Beyoncé, along with Joshua "Ammo" Coleman, actually has a credit alongside Furler for penning the track, which means once Beyoncé secured the song, she must have added to it.

So, to reiterate, guys: CHECK YOUR EMAIL. You may have a hit song — or an email about a secret shoe sale — waiting for you.