Google Doodles On Earth Day 2014 Are Adorable: Hummingbirds, Chameleons, and Jellyfish, Oh My!

Hummingbirds, chameleons, and jellyfish, oh my! The Google Doodles on Earth Day Tuesday celebrate and inspire environmental efforts with a half a dozen animated doodles, including puffer fish, a veiled chameleon, a rufous hummingbird, the dung beetle, Japanese macaques, and moon jellyfish. Since 2001, Google has marked Earth Day with a different doodle each and every year, and #MyBeautifulEarth, a way to share photos on Google+, has been added this year.

Earth Day, which is celebrated with the planting of trees, gardening, ocean and land clean-ups in 192 countries, was started mainly by Democratic Senator Gaylord Nelson to fight for and sustain our planet. According to the official Earth Day website:

Earth Day is a day of action. And action is exactly what we need. The environmental challenges of our time are too great and too urgent for us not to march, teach, and rally for a safe, stable climate and a planet where our children can survive and thrive. Let's make that happen today.

The key focus of the Earth Day Network is The Green Cities Campaign. Launched in late 2013, this campaign is meant to aid cities in improving energy, transportation systems, and buildings, and partner with governments, companies, local and non-profit organizations throughout the next year to create and sustain initiatives that can be copied, and raise awareness about its efforts.