'Frozen' Is Now 6th Highest Grossing Film of All Time, So Suck It 'Transformers 3'

In a twist surprising absolutely no one, Frozen continues to make a metric crapton of money. In fact, Frozen has now made so much money that it's bumped down Transformers: Dark of the Moon on the list of top grossing movies of all time, taking slot number six for itself. All hail Queen Elsa.

This comes on the tail-end of months upon months of Frozen becoming the highest-grossing animated film of all time, Frozen winning Oscars, Frozen being the nexus from which Adele Nazeem sprung into our cultural consciousness — the list goes on, but rest assured: Frozen's not a flop. And now it's officially beat Transformers (and Skyfall, and Return of the King, and The Dark Knight Rises, alongside almost every other movie in existence) to become number six on the list of the top ten grossing films ever. We wouldn't be surprised if it swooped in past Iron Man 3 next to claw its way into the top five.

Though Titanic, Avatar, and The Avengers all had major female leads, Frozen's the one in the top six with the most female leads — and female leads who were definitely above their male co-stars on the call sheet. So take that, Transformers: Dark of the Moon: Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are worth more than you any day of the week.

And if you were wondering if Elsa and Anna could take transformers in a physical fight, the answer is of course. Have you seen the badassery that Elsa can create?

Images: Disney, PandaWhale