Ellen Page Renames Fans’ Dogs On Twitter & It's a Lot Funnier Than It Sounds — PHOTOS

How about we end our workday on a wholesome note? I've got a story that will make your heart melt and your fingers type you over to the ASPCA's website. (Sorry, West Coasters, there's probably still time for you to end up reading an annoying Justin Bieber article.) Ellen Page decided to rename her fans' dogs on Twitter and it is absolutely amazing. In fact, this even lead to other pets and one very snippy human getting renamed.

The fun began when Page tweeted, "I love renaming my friends dogs like a total jerk." Soon, because it's Twitter and everyone wants to be in on the action, Page's followers began sending her pictures of their dogs and asking that she name them. She obliged. And how!

As someone who has wanted a dog for several years, I have a few names saved up (which I'm not going to reveal for obvious reasons), but these names took me a long time to come up with. The fact that Page not only went through and renamed around 30 pets, but gave them names that seem very fitting of their auras is highly impressive. Page's passion for dog naming was clear by the way she quit for a while saying, "Guys, this is super fun but I gotta sleep now. Thanks for sending pics of your dogs and letting me rename them. x," and then starting back up the next day.

Here are a few of Ellen Page's renames and the cute doggies that accompany them:

A cat got in on it too:

And a couple gerbils:

And some dude that tried to ruin the fun:

Yeah, Greg! Chill out! We're just trying to enjoy Ellen Page renaming some dogs!

Head over to Page's Twitter account for more renamed dogs. There are a ton of them!