7 Reasons Iggy Azalea's Debut Album 'The New Classic' Deserves to Be Heard

Listening to music while working has all types of advantages. It not only sparks creativity and increases focus, but apparently helps improve coordination, as is evidenced by my ability to simultaneously bounce in my seat and type without missing a beat. I owe my newly acquired working-while-dancing prowess to Iggy Azalea, who just dropped her debut album The New Classic. While I wouldn't necessarily call it a classic and can agree with some of the mixed reviews its received thus far, I still like it. Here are seven reasons you should give Iggy Azalea's new album a chance:

1) At 51 minutes, The New Classic contains 15 full tracks — no interludes or album fillers. Unlike some artists who try to pass off useless snippets as songs or go overboard with quirky interludes, Azalea doesn't waste space, opting to say whatever she needs to say in a full-length song.

2) For the most part, it's an upbeat album. Whether you're at home, in the gym or in the club, the beats will definitely make you want to shake a tail feather.

3) Another highlight of Classic lies with its awesome features. T.I. blesses us with his signature on "Change Your Life" and Rita Ora's vocals on "Black Widow" instantly make me want to hear it again. Also, "100" featuring WatchTheDuck gives me summer fever.

Angela Weiss/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

4) She talks so much shit and I love it. On "Goddess," she joins Beyoncé in commanding others to "bow down." And in "New Chick," she dismisses the opposition with "you're well done and bitch I'm rare," and later describes herself as a woman scorned on "100," as she threatens "Don't try me you know I will, throw this brick through your windshield."

However, Azalea still manages to wedge some raw, vulnerable moments in between the cracks. On "Don't Need Y'all", she raps, "...same girl on the cover of the magazine, was the one hiding pain that you hadn't seen," as she chronicles her journey to the top.

5) The album's solid music makes it worthwhile. Some of the songs like "New Chick" have hints of euro pop and sound a little more dance-y than I thought it would be but that doesn't detract away from other songs like "Fancy" and the dancehall-infused "Lady Patra."6) It contains the obligatory ass-shaking anthem. Seeing as how Iggy's a) a rapper and b) has an ample posterior, what would her album be without a song like "Bounce" that encourages us to "shake it, break it, make it bounce"?

7) Azalea's debut offers several standout tracks. For instance, I could totally see "Change Your Life" on a movie soundtrack. Plus there's "F*ck Love," which sounds like a massive radio hit.

Although some critics argue that The New Classic doesn't quite deserve its title, one thing it does deserve is a listen from start to finish.