'The Originals' Has Another Bloodbath & The Werewolves Are The Most Screwed Up Tribe In New Orleans

Just when we thought we'd identified our enemy, The Originals changes the game. On last week's episode, "The Big Easy," Marcel shocked everyone with his "gift." His declaration of war broke down all of the alliances Elijah fought to build, and we were certain that he was going to be the ultimate opposing side — we were wrong. Apparently, it's the werewolves we should be worried about because they're not as predictable and easily manipulated as Klaus thought they were.

I'm going to be completely honest here — I never really trusted the werewolves to begin with. Jackson's willingness to side with Klaus and generally appease everyone just seemed shifty and weak to me. And the way they just sort of adopted Hayley into the fold on the basis of her being "royalty" never really seemed genuine. And now, here we are, following last night's "An Unblinking Death," seeing how truly right our suspicions were. Starting with Oliver — that overzealous sidekick who wanted to rip out Diego's throat a few weeks ago. How did we not notice before that that he was a complete psychopath that would kill his own people to shake things up?

Well, whether we saw it coming or not, here we are anyway, feeling incredibly scared that there's a blatant sociopath in our midst. What went down? Oliver's working with "someone" — we don't know who yet — to regain power over the tribe because he doesn't believe that Jackson and Hayley are equipped to rule. That's cool, you want a true Crescent Wolf to handle this. But it's not actually cool, because whoever Oliver's been working with decided to send a suicide bomber to the bayou on Tuesday night to kill Hayley and Jackson. It didn't work, and he ended up killing a handful of children and other members of the tribe. Nice job, loser.

Oliver's terrorist attack didn't stop there though — not only did a second bomb go off, which injured more people, but he also smothered an injured Eve to death. WHAT THE HELL? And while Hayley and Jackson mourned her, Oliver was prancing around the fire pit, surrounded by wolves, trying to rouse everyone up to go to war over the bombing he planned. That's a true leader for you: someone who makes a play for power in a time of weakness and fear that he caused.

The worst part about all of this is when Oliver's admitting that the bombing was his fault, he shows little remorse for the fact that he killed all of these people. If he could kill a handful of children with no remorse, smother a good friend to death, and plot to kill Jackson and Hayley — we should probably be really afraid of Oliver. That guy is totally screwed up, power-hungry, and hiding in plain sight because people just think he's got a short temper. And if the wolves actually decide to follow him, they're all just as bad. We get it — they're wolves, so pack mentality and all that jazz, but if they can jump ship from trusting Jackson and Hayley to going to war because of Oliver's crazy eyes, we've got a problem.

This act of rebellion is far more troubling than Marcel's little declaration of war last week. Why? Because Elijah and Klaus are worried — they can't figure out who ordered the bombing and they've reunited because Elijah wants to be on the winning side. Even Marcel is concerned and preparing for the storm to roll in — if the Quarter's biggest power-players are batting down the hatches, something is big is definitely coming.

Image: The CW