Ramona's On A Rampage

by Caitlyn Callegari

Whatever happened to the world peace-loving, philanthropic, mediating Ramona Singer who went to Africa just a few weeks ago? Didn't she have a spiritual awakening or something? Apparently not. Her evil, meddling twin has taken over and hog-tied enlightened Ramona somewhere no one can find her, because, based on Tuesday night's Real Housewives of New York, Rams ain't so sweet anymore. Listen, I'm used to everyone's favorite Kathy Lee Gifford doppelgänger getting feisty and downright confrontational, but she went full on cray-cray at her Hamptons party, and I just couldn't really understand why. Too much Ramona pinot, perhaps? (Who am I kidding, you can never have enough Ramona pinot.)

First, Ramona's argument with the usually passive Kristen was bizarre. (And am I crazy, or is that girl finally coming into her own? I like this new, opinionated Kristen. Give me more!) Not that I blame Ramona for not wanting to start drama during a rousing game of bocce ball (yawn). But who is she kidding — she freakin' loves drama. Ramona LIVES for drama. In fact, the reaction to Kristen's comment was more dramatic than the actual comment itself! (This show is a walking contradiction.)

Then she fights with Heather! Who is also just a powder keg these days, no? I'm afraid she's going to get all up in everyone's face at any second. (She just makes me anxious, okay? I just know she'd be hard to take down in a fight.) Heather's sudden un-invite to Aviva was pretty petty and totally Regina George-ish, but again, Ramona Patron Saint of Housewives, it's time to take the martyring down a notch. Not going to Heather's party was a bit self-righteous to me. I have to say, Heather really kept it together because she kept on awkwardly hugging Ramona as she yelled at her. As always, when Ramona purged herself of her word vomit, she went back to being Heather's BFFL. Girl needs to re-lax.

Perhaps the most shocking victim on Ramona's shit list was her bestie, Sonja. Sonja and Ramona duking it out, and Ramona's tears proved the pinot-loving housewife was in rare form. I really felt for Sonja when she got heated over her hectic and stressful life, between her divorce and money troubles. Not everything is as it seems on RHONY, as Ramona so pointedly noted. I'm glad Sonja shut down the Ramona chaos train because it was going full speed ahead and things were looking tragic.

If one thing is for sure, you can take the woman out of New York but you can't take New York out of the woman. And Ramona is one crazy-ass, unfiltered New Yorker who won't ever be tamed. Keep on keepin' on, Rams.

Images: Bravosphere