What Will Skye Do Next on 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'?

The latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is fraught with the knowledge that Ward is with HYDRA. Yet it takes awhile for anyone on the team to figure that out. They don't pick up the clues when talking to him, and Ward even manages to evade a sophisticated lie detector test. It takes Skye finding Agent Koenig's dead body for someone to finally realize that Ward is no longer working for the good guys.

And poor Skye finds it in the worst way. After the rest of the team goes on a mission to find a villain escaped from The Fridge and Melinda May leaves since Coulson no longer trusts her, it's just Ward and Skye. It's almost romantic — Ward sticks up for her to Koenig, they finally get that drink, and he finally opens up to her a little more about how terrible his family life really is. It's clear that there's some larger metaphor here as far as Ward's family goes — is Garrett his brother? Who are his parents, and why are they terrible? But we never find out. Once Skye is alone, she gets suspicious and starts looking for the missing Agent Koenig, and finds him by way of his blood dripping down on her. All the more disturbing is watching a dead Patton Oswalt and then hearing him narrate the next episode of The Goldbergs... but I digress.

First, Skye does what any normal human would do: cry and freak the hell out. But eventually she gets herself together and makes a game plan of sorts. She realizes she can't fight Ward, and that now that everyone else is gone, she's essentially his hostage. So she plays dumb, although she's clearly trying to figure out her next move. And once Ward tells her that they need to de-encrypt the hard drive (which is location-based) because, you know, the team needs it, everything starts to click into place. Hopefully, she'll have the sense to lie about the location or at least stall things, but what next? Will Melinda May and her kickass mom save the day? Will Coulson finally realize what's wrong in time to save her? Just how the hell is Skye gonna hack herself out of this one?

Image: ABC