Student at North Carolina's Cherryville High School Kicked Out of Prom for Wearing Pants

It’s 2014, but apparently some people at North Carolina’s Cherryville High School are still stuck in the ‘50s. School officials there recently kicked a female student out of prom for wearing pants. Shafer Rupard decided to forgo the glittery gowns in favor of something more her style: red skinny jeans, a black belt, a leather jacket, a hat, and black sneakers. But when she walked into the prom at the local country club, she caught the notice of a chaperone, whom apparently was none too happy with her outfit choice.

As Rupard told WBTV, it was the pants in particular that angered the teacher:

The teacher tapped me on the shoulder and said she had a problem with what I was wearing. I thought it was because of the hat or the leather jacket and I was like, 'Well, I'll take those off,' and she was like no, 'It's the pants.'

Rupard says she thinks being kicked out of her prom for wearing pants is “ridiculous”…and I have to agree. What exactly is so offensive about these pants? Is it really that big of a deal that this teen wanted to wear her own denim to a formal event rather than a dress? I’m actually kind of impressed by how perfectly color-coordinated her outfit is, right down to the matching hat. After all, it was a high school prom, not tea with the Queen.

Adding even more insult to injury? The assistant principal at the school even admitted to Rupard’s mother that the school has no dress code for prom. If only someone had reminded this stuck-up teacher of that in the first place.

Image: Fotolia; WBTV