Colorado Vets Speak Out for Marriage Equality in Touching New Ad

While the nation is still waiting to hear how the Denver-based federal appeals court will rule on the case challenging Oklahoma’s gay marriage ban, advocates have launched a touching new ad starring veterans who support marriage equality.

The ad was created by pro-equality organization Why Marriage Matters Colorado, and it began airing on TV stations statewide earlier this week. It features four military vets, including one openly gay active-duty Air Force sergeant, talking about why they support marriage equality. And though the entire clip is only 30 seconds long, their powerful message is clear.

As is explained in the video, together the four men have dedicated a total of almost five decades to serving their country. But the one thing they all have in common besides their military background? They don’t understand why many gay people, like their comrade Master Sgt. T. Ashley Metcalf, still don’t have equal rights to marry who they want.

"I've been married for eight years, going on nine, happily married. And why shouldn't Ash, a good friend of mine, be afforded that same opportunity?” Army Staff Sgt. Izzy Abbass says in the ad, later adding, “If they're good enough to [fight for this country,] they're good enough to have full, equal protection.”

Here, here! It’s amazing to see four veterans from all different branches of the military — one of the many places in the world where homophobia and discrimination still unfortunately persists — come together to show their support not only for their friend, but for the entire LGBT community. They are willing to speak out to try and make difference. Now, let’s just hope that the court hears them… and that the rest of the world follows suit.