Meg Ryan Will Narrate 'How I Met Your Dad', Move over Bob Saget

If we all aged into '90s celebrities as we got older, who would you turn into? For Josh Radnor's Ted Mosby it was Bob Saget. For Greta Gerwig it will apparently be Meg Ryan, joining How I Met Your Dad as the voice of "Future Sally." Could this be the start of a comeback for the woman who once ruled over the romcom world?

In direct relation to Saget's role in How I Met Your Mother, Ryan will man the voice-over for spinoff How I Met Your Dad's episodes. She'll be playing the destined voice of Gerwig's character Sally, and will likely dole out wisdom, advice, and thinly veiled marijuana jokes just as Saget did before her.

The days of When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and You've Got Mail may be (sadly) behind us, but How I Met Your Mother certainly operated under its teachings in the ways of onscreen romance, so especially given Ryan's involvement there's a good chance How I Met Your Dad will as well.

Though we'll likely never see her on-screen — even Saget didn't get to play Elder Ted in the How I Met Your Mother finale — this is still a big step for Ryan: It's her first big television role.