Richie Remembered My Sandwich! 30 Things Only Temple University Students Can Understand

At the risk of sounding ridiculously nostalgic and cheesy, choosing to spend four years at Temple University was one of the best choices I have ever made. The city school, located in North Philadelphia, may be best known as Bill Cosby's alma mater, but as any good Temple Owl knows, there's more to this school than just its Cosby Show connections. Temple University may be a big school that prides itself on diversity, but there are some things that nearly every student at the university has in common.

If you go here, you know what I'm talking about. There are some things only we Temple students can truly understand.

You know the Bell Tower is the center for religious debate

And You're not sure why Temple invested in TU Big Chairs, but hey, you're not complaining

But seriously... what was the point of those, again?

You're really bitter that incoming freshmen get to dorm in a luxury apartment building

Your freshman self would kill to live in Morgan Hall, with or without their free TVs.

#TempleMade has become a regular part of your online vocabulary

Also, your speaking vocabulary.

You are terrified of the squirrels on campus

Which is too bad, because they feed off your fear.

The best part of your day is hitting up The Bagel Hut for coffee and a bagel

You've partied in more concrete basements than you'd care to count

"Cool, because I know this house on Berks that is throwing down."

You feel like a celebrity whenever Richie remembers your sandwich order

You're still not sure about the difference between Ritter and Ritter Annex

So much so that you actively avoid scheduling a class there.

You stock up on the grilled cheese from sorority fundraisers

Even though it might be the easiest thing to make yourself, you just don't want to.

Seeking an herbal refreshment? There's a spot near J&H for that

Yeah, OK, you're "asking for a friend."

You love going to the Draught Horse, if only because you know at least one of your friends will have an open bar there

You dropped a class you signed up for on the Ambler campus, solely because it was on the Ambler campus

Nothing annoys you more than hearing people talk about how "unsafe" your school is

You've tried (and failed) to sell your Mosaics books after the class ended

Please take my copy of Gilgamesh.

You have one GenEd that is the bane of your existence...

Which explains why there are so many liberal arts major seniors taking math classes.

You've pretended to be a Tyler student to get into the Philadelphia Art Museum for free

Then again, you've also pretended to be a Tyler student to score a date with someone from UArts

You know that the series finale of Friday Night Lights was filmed there

And that the food from the trucks is infinitely better than anything Sodexo has to offer

You get more TU Alerts than you would ever tell your parents about

Area is safe. Avoid the area.

You put everything you possibly can on Diamond Dollars

Save those bills! (Just remember Diamond Dollars are still money.)

you know that The Tech Center during study days is basically the Hunger Games

You WILL fight someone over the last Mac.

No matter how many games the Temple football team loses, you remain loyal

But yeah, last season was tough.

You've bugged your RA friend to get you free food from their unlimited meal plan

You're friends with Hooter the Owl on Facebook...

... Even though he gets super aggressive at the Villanova game

You freak out whenever you hear the Fresh Prince theme song

And, most of all, you know that Temple is the best school in Philly

Hell, in the world

Gotta love this school.